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Scenic RV Slinger Tips

Winterizing RV Instructions


These are general instructions – if you are unsure about these instructions we would advise that you have a qualified service technician winterize your unit – Quietwoods RV is not liable for any damages that occurred due to using these instructions

Items Needed

  • 2-3 gallons of RV Anti-Freeze (may need more depending on trailer)
  • Paper towel or rags
  • Hose w/fitting on end for water pump (if you choose to use this method)
  • 7/8 or 1-1/16 wrench - to drain water heater
  • Pliers - to remove line going to water tank for pump


  1. Turn the water off
  2. Open the pressure relief valve
  3. Remove the water heater plug form the outside on the water-heater
  4. Close the pressure valve and reinstall plug WHEN all the water is out
  5. Close by-pass valve
  6. If you have one (1) valve turn the valve straight up
  7. If you have three (3) valves – close the top and bottom valve and open the center valve.
  8. Blow out the lines at 35 P.S.I using a compressor thru the city water connect
  9. Open one faucet at a time until all the water is out
  10. Remove water filter from canister – if you have one - dump the water out and put canister back in
  11. Pump anti-freeze through city water connect or suction side of fresh water pump – Pump anti-freeze through until pink comes out - Run one (1) faucet at time, first running your cold line then your hot. Do this for all faucets inside/outside of your trailer
  12. Repeat process if you have a washer and dryer or an ice maker
  13. Open the low point drains until the anti-freeze comes out
  14. Pour approximately 2 cups of anti-freeze down the drains of each sink including the bathtub/shower
  15. Drain the fresh water tank
  16. Wipe off anti-freeze from sinks/tub to avoid any stains
  17. Clean slide outs off and run them in be sure they seal tightly
  18. Prop fridge open to avoid mold

*If you do not use your fresh water pump please burp it to get the water out of it

Note: Remove your battery or leave it fully charged to avoid damaging it during the winter