When purchasing an RV, there are plenty of difficult decisions to make. Choosing a model, brand, floorplan and dealer are just a few of the first crossroads you’ll come to. Most decisions can be made through looking at Google reviews, reading articles and thinking about the size of your family. But, one of the toughest questions can’t be answered with five-star reviews or how many the unit sleeps – should you buy new or used? In this article, we ‘re going through some of the main reasons why buying used might be the right decision for you.

Lower prices

One of the most obvious money savers when it comes to buying used is the lower price tag. Used campers are on the market for much less than their newer counterparts. Spending less on an RV also means less on insurance and other added costs that come with making such a big investment. It also means potentially having more money in your budget for personalized upgrades.

Less depreciation

Similar to cars, as soon as an RV is taken off the sales lot its value decreases dramatically. Someone buying a new camper is almost guaranteed to never make their money back in resale or trade-in. But if you sell one you bought used, you’ll likely get a similar price, depending on the condition. You could even make money off of a resale if you invest in renovations and added tech. When thinking about the future, purchasing used is often the best investment.

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Bugs are already worked out

New trailers, especially new designs, often come with a few kinks. Recalls and other issues with design and weak spots often show themselves within the first year or so. With used trailers, any recalls and announcements have already been made. Smaller problems, such as lining, piping, or other replacements are often discovered and replaced soon after a new RV is purchased as well. Used campers often already have replacements for faulty or broken parts through previous owners.

Upgrades are already done

Previous owners may have already added perks like newer technology to older RVs. New TVs, speakers, or lighting might have already been installed for the previous owner’s enjoyment. Expensive additions might have already been made as well, like installed satellite or solar panels. This isn’t a guarantee for used campers, but it’s much more common, and high-end upgrades will be far cheaper than on brand new units.

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Bigger RVs for the price

If you’re looking for an RV that will hold the whole family, and maybe some friends, for a big vacation the cost can skyrocket. An RV big enough to sleep 10 comes at a much higher price than one that sleeps 4. When buying used, you can get more camper and more sleep space for your money. Invest in a camper that can fit the grandparents or the neighbor’s kids while still keeping within the budget.

Of course, it’s possible that you purchase a used trailer and end up with a series of old-age issues. But you could buy a brand-new unit and find it faulty too. To spare yourself from defective surprises after you’ve purchased a unit, you can get it inspected by a third party or purchase a warranty, if possible. In the end, you’ll likely save yourself a lot of headache and keep some cash in your wallet by buying used.

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