You are brave, you are strong, you are confident, and you are camping solo! This summer let your aspirations fly and consider taking some solo trips to experience all nature has to offer. If you have camped before, you may know the ins and outs of what to do and how to do it. If you are not an expert per say, consider some of these solo camping tips for women as you venture out alone!

How To Camp Alone as a Woman 

Find a good location

Make sure you do some research. Don’t just find a plot of land and pitch a tent. Look at the different camp sites, (maybe even one you have been to before) and make sure it is a safe location. It is good to be around other people and in a well-lit campground area. Don’t stray away from all of the people but set up your tent or RV near others.

Have you phone and make sure it is charged

You are capable of camping and having a cell phone. Just because you have the phone doesn’t mean you need to spend all your time on Facebook or taking videos of your hikes. Consider this to be a way to remember your trip, and as a way to get a hold of anyone if you need to! Don’t forget to bring a charger!

Make Sure Your RV Service is Up To Date

Before heading out on your own in your RV, it is pertinent to make sure your service is up to date. Ensuring everything is proper working order can ward off any potential headaches during your solo camping trip.

Have an Emergency Device

If you have a cell phone, this could work. If not, you need to consider another emergency device. Just in case you become lost or have something serious happen, it is very important that you have this in place if you needed to be found or required urgent help.

Know how to pitch a tent or set up your RV

This seems like common sense, but there is a bit more to it. If something gets stuck, malfunctions, or you has issues, do you know how to deal with it? Some things can be minor but other can be game changers. Be prepared for everything by going through the setup and tear down process and by having owner manuals nearby.

Let someone else know where you are going

Just because you are traveling alone doesn’t mean you have to go completely MIA. Make sure to let a family member or friend know where you are going. It will give you and them peace of mind knowing that people know where you are in case of an emergency.


What To Avoid as a Female Solo Camper

Solo Camping Tips for Women

Don’t Overpack

You are not going to go through 5 outfits a day or out to fancy dinners. Pack minimally when it comes to clothing, makeup, and unnecessary items. If you bring fewer of these items, you can bring more necessary items that you will be using on a daily basis.

“Wing it” when finding a campsite

If you are near state parks or known camping areas, you may just pick one nilly willy. I highly recommend having a plan and knowing exactly where you plan to go. This way you can plan out your trip, where you plan to sleep, hike, eat, and live for the next few days.

As a Female Solo Camper, you don’t have to avoid all people

Yes, you are out on your own to be alone. But avoiding people could actually make things a little more stressful for you. Finding some people at your camp site or out on the trails can help you to have a more enjoyable time and even make you feel a little safer. Going camping and talking to no one for several days can also cause you to go a little stir crazy. It’s okay to meet some friends!

Don’t Be overly  ambitious

If this is your first time camping alone, go at your own pace but don’t get over ambitious. Don’t plan an 8-hour hike alone with 1 water bottle. It is okay to move a little slower and just ease into the solo camping concept. If all goes well, you can start planning your next one right when you get home!

Don’t Lose confidence

When is the last time you went on a vacation and everything went perfectly? It doesn’t happen! When something goes wrong or not according to plan, just roll with it. Keep your confidence up and know that you are capable of not only surviving but thriving! Take a deep breathe, and figure it out! You got this! 

Roam and explore at your own pace! Stop and take that selfie at the waterfall. Take an early morning swim in the lake. Go hiking for the day and have nothing hold you back! This could be a huge way to gain confidence and independence. There is something about conquering nature on your own that gives you a whole new sense of empowerment.

This way you can feel connected to the now and relieve all that built up stress you left behind with your computer, deadlines and to-do lists. Remember, with the proper preparations, you can make this camping trip one for the books! With these solo camping tips for women, you are ready to hit the trails and have the time of your life. Stay safe, take these tips when packing and preparing, and have an amazing adventurous trip!

Solo Camping Tips for Women