There’s nothing better than bringing a bundle of joy on your camping trip. Whether they’re your kids, your neighbor’s kids or your grandkids, bringing the little ones to enjoy the outdoors is fun for everyone. At Scenic RV Centers, we know the importance of getting young ones outside, enjoying nature and playing in the outdoors. So, to help you feel more confident bringing young kids camping, we put together this guide to RVing with a baby.

Although RVing has always been a family event, RVing with a baby requires added levels of patience. Much like everything else you’ll do with your young ones, expect to use additional time and resources to prepare for your trip. And, as expected, you’ll likely end up making some sacrifices yourself.

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Babyproofing Your RV

Just like your stationary home, your home on the road needs to be completely babyproofed. In an RV, a lot of the same babyproofing techniques apply. You should make sure cabinets and doors are locked or babyproofed. You should also make sure things that might injure your baby, like wires, tools and sharp objects, are placed out of reach of your child.

In an RV, you probably don’t have room to have an entire nursery dedicated to your little one. Instead, we recommend purchasing a portable crib that can be placed in any room in the RV. Additionally, once your baby begins to crawl, we recommend installing baby gates at any entrances/exits of your unit.

Luckily, in RVs, cabinets and drawers often have a form of security latch that prevents them from opening while driving. You’ll need to walk through the RV before your trip and determine where additional babyproofing is needed.

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RVing with a Baby in a Motorhome

If you choose to travel in a motorhome rather than a travel trailer, there’s an entirely different set of safety guidelines to consider. This isn’t the same as strapping your baby in a traditional car seat. You need to consider where your baby will sit in the motorhome.

Your baby seat should be in the back of the motorhome, never in the front or the cab. The seat you choose should be front-facing, not side-facing, and should be bolted to the chassis. Not bolted to the interior of the RV. Make sure there are no loose objects nearby that could move while on the road and hurt your baby.

In addition to these suggestions, we recommend following manufacturer guidelines and safety restrictions. This includes any instruction given by the motorhome manufacturer and the car seat company.

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Why Go RVing with a Baby?

RVing is an affordable travel option for many families. While it’s a hefty initial investment to purchase an RV, renting campsites and purchasing gas makes for a pretty cheap vacation. At least, compared to fancy hotel rooms where you likely won’t have your own full kitchen and a bed you’re confident has been cleaned.

RVing with a baby is an affordable travel option, and a great experience for young kids. As your baby grows into a young adult, taking them on camping trips around the US will have a great impact. Allowing your child the opportunity to experience nature and travel to different parts of North America will help them learn to appreciate their environment.

Lastly, RVing with a baby is a safer, more relaxed way to travel. If you’re headed on a cross-country trip to visit relatives, bringing a baby along isn’t easy. An eight-hour flight with your kiddo doesn’t sound like fun for anyone – including other passengers on the plane. Choosing to RV is safer, cleaner and more relaxed. While it may take more time, it’s much less stressful than hours on a cramped, dirty plane.

RVing with a baby takes patience and plenty of planning. But it can be a much safer, more rewarding travel or vacation option. We recommend considering the benefits of traveling in a trailer or motorhome on your next family vacation.

Now that you’re prepared to go RVing with a baby, stop by Scenic RV Centers! We have RVs for all sorts of families, glampers to off-roaders, and we want to help you find the right unit for your family. Shop new and used RVs at Scenic, and stop by our parts store for all essential camping supplies. Call us, contact us online, or message us on Facebook at our Slinger and Baraboo pages when you’re ready to trade in your old RV or purchase your new one.