Whether you’re working from the road, attending roadschool, or simply want to stream your favorite show, RV internet connection is essential. Although most campgrounds have WiFi, the connection normally isn’t very fast or secure. This is why many RVers turn to alternate methods for RV internet connection.

RV Internet Connection Methods

Campground WiFi

Many private campgrounds and RV parks offer free WiFi or internet connection. Unfortunately, the connection often isn’t fast enough to use for work, school or streaming. If you’re planning to continue to use campground WiFi, you can invest in a WiFi extender. These help by rebroadcasting the campground’s WiFi signal throughout your RV. Although helpful, these extenders are not the best solution for RV internet.

Cellular Data

This is easily the most popular method for RV internet connection. Cellular data is a simple WiFi option. Purchase a hotspot from your favorite provider and you’re connected to the internet in most areas. Some RVers recommend purchasing a hotspot from a different provider than you use for your cell phones. This way, if one device doesn’t have service, the other one might.

Young boy on his tablet in an RV using RV internet.

 Another device to help with cellular data connection is a cell phone booster. Cell phone boosters help improve your cell signal. There are both directional antennae boosters, that have to be pointed in the direction of a cell tower, and omnidirectional antennae boosters that work in any direction. These have a higher price tag and are more difficult to install.

Public WiFi

Those campers who prefer to stay unplugged may be satisfied simply connecting to public WiFi. This means you probably won’t have signal in your RV. You’d have to drive to a local restaurant that offers free WiFi, like a McDonald’s or Starbucks, and connect to the internet there. This is obviously inconvenient for most people, and public WiFi can be easily hacked. The unsecure connection puts your private information at risk. Essentially, public WiFi may be a cheap way to connect to the internet, but it’s not a method we recommend.


Satellite internet connection is sure to be the next big thing in RV WiFi. You’ve likely already heard of Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk’s next big tech project: Starlink. This project has made quite a stir around the world. Starlink allows you to get highspeed internet connection anywhere in the world through satellite. At the time of writing this blog, it’s been difficult for RVers to get their Starlink devices.

In order to get a Starlink device today, you have to live in a rural area where traditional internet connections do not reach. Additionally, you have to have a physical address to order a device. Most RVers have a physical address in an area that already has highspeed internet connection. So, they don’t yet qualify for Starlink.

In time, we’re sure that Starlink will be an option for more people. We’re looking forward to hearing from RVers who have tried Starlink!

Woman on her phone by the open door of her camper van.

Global Internet

Global internet is the recommended RV internet connection method for RVers who prefer to cross borders on their travels. If you travel from North America to South America in your RV, we recommend checking out a Solis device. Although not as powerful as cellular data hotspots, a global internet plan works similarly. You can pay per gigabyte or get unlimited data. You should note that most cell phone data plans work in Mexico and Canada, so unless you’re traveling further there’s no need for global internet.

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