If you’ve ever been hunting and enjoy the outdoors, chances are you’ve caught the bug. Crisp mornings, beautiful sunsets, enough quiet from the world to hear nature actively living, and of course the rush of finally seeing your target. Most of the animals that walk or fly in front of your bow, rifle or shotgun won’t become a meal. But a good hunter knows it’s a privilege to see and experience wildlife in its territory. And what better way to spend even more time hunting and enjoying the outdoors than to camp where you hunt, with your camper from Scenic RV!

Should I Buy a Travel Trailer or an RV for Hunting?

We’re here to give you all the details on how to choose the best travel trailer or RV for hunting. Where you plan to take your RV hunting trip will be an important factor in when choosing what type of travel trailer or RV to purchase.

Hunter with dogs backlit by the sun on an RV hunting trip.

Location of the camping spot or hunting property, road conditions going to and from during hunting seasons, clearing space, or size requirements (if applicable), and availability of electric and water hookups are all important factors in making the best decision.

Currently, there are six public areas in the state of Wisconsin that allow hunting. Most have public campsites close by. You can drop your camper and travel to the hunting area either by UTV, ATV, or side-by-side, or in your vehicle. If you own or share a property for hunting, such as a hunting lease, or a portion of mostly uncleared land somewhere, you will want to consider those factors too.

Where You Camp Matters

When choosing a camper or RV for hunting, the size of the unit will play a major part in the decision. If you plan to do most of your hunting in a remote area and have permission to camp there also, a large travel trailer or heavy fifth wheel with two or more slide outs are likely not the best options. A smaller travel trailer with one or even no slide outs will be smaller diameter and more lightweight.

We recommend one of our favorite 2022 Forest River models, the new available to order Salem Cruise LT 171RBXL. This unit would be much easier to tow on dirt roads or trails than a larger travel trailer or fifth wheel. A lightweight unit will also be easier to pull across mud that you’re bound to come across during popular hunting seasons.

As a seasoned hunter you know the ground is often soggy and wet during parts of the winter and early spring. You don’t want to get your vehicle or camper stuck when trying to park. That’s a quick way to put a damper on your RV hunting trip!

When you’re hunting, the camper itself is probably luxury enough. No need to bring an oversized monster of a unit into the woods. After all, your goal will be to get into your site as quietly as possible, so you don’t scare your target away. A smaller travel trailer like the 2022 Dutchmen Coleman Lantern LT 262BH  is a perfect option for more remote camping due to lighter weight of the unit.

If you plan to camp at a state park or private campground, the size of unit allowed will depend on campground rules. It’s safe to say your choices for the type of unit and size are much broader in this situation. You’ll likely have electricity and water hook up availability too!

For a more comfortable, luxury hunting camp experience, check out one of our favorite fifth wheel models, now on order – 2022 Heartland ElkRidge ER 32 RLS.

Important Features to Consider

Speaking of electricity and water hook ups…this is another vital factor to consider when purchasing a camper or RV for hunting. The probability of having electric and water hook ups on your RV hunting trip matters. There will likely be electric and water hook ups at most state parks with campsites or private campgrounds. They may require a reservation, so be sure to plan ahead.

If you plan to camp on vacant property or on a wooded hunting lease, you will probably not have access to the electric hook up. The possibility of access to running water is a little higher, but still only a possibility.

When choosing a camper or RV for hunting, look for units that have a generator hook up and a large water holding tank for bathing and cooking needs for a few days. Another helpful option for your RV hunting trip is a propane tank for heating water. And if you buy a unit with ample storage space underneath, you will thank yourself later. Taking your camper or RV on a hunting excursion in a remote location will require a few supplies. The side and undercarriage storage options are a must when buying any form of RV for hunting.

Your RV for Hunting Should Make Things Easier

Our last recommendation when deciding on the best travel trailer or RV for hunting is the toy hauler. Though travel trailer toy haulers are more difficult to find than fifth wheel toy haulers, they are out there. If you’re hunting in a remote location, this might be a good option to consider.

You can bring your UTV, ATV, or side-by-side to travel around the property. This is especially helpful once you’ve taken your successful shot and need to bring you game back to your campsite to dress and process, or to your vehicle to take to the processor. If you’ve ever had to pull a large animal through the woods (like a big buck) back to your site, you’ll know how beneficial a motorized vehicle is in this case!

Wisconsin hunting campgrounds - Hunters in the autumn forest

With a toy hauler, you don’t have to worry about driving your truck through the woods and scratching it up. Or worse, getting stuck with no one around to pull you out! A toy hauler can also be beneficial if you plan to dress and process your game yourself. You can have all the tools and necessary equipment necessary stored in the back of your travel trailer or fifth wheel. This will keep the mess out of your new RV, allowing it to stay a clean inside. It also gives you a covered place to hang your game and work where you’ll be sheltered from most of the elements.

In need of a new RV for your next hunting trip?

Scenic RV Centers has tons of RVs ready to take you on your next hunting trip. Shop compact campers, popups, small travel trailers, toy haulers and more! Browse our inventory online and contact us when you’re ready to tour a unit in person or make a purchase.