When you’re traveling, you don’t want to bring stowaways along in your RV. No passengers are more unwanted than pests like mice in your RV, camper, or travel trailer. As with all homes, there’s a good chance you will have to evict these little guys. Even a clean living space doesn’t guarantee a rodent-proof environment. In this article, we’ll share the best mouse control practices to rid your RV of rodents when they come and how to keep them out!

Effective Mouse Control Methods in RVs

Mouse Traps:

This age-old technique is tried and true. Traps come in all shapes and sizes from big to small, from lethal to non-lethal. If you decide to catch-and-release, make sure you release the pesky rodents as far as you can from your RV so that the trapped rodent doesn’t easily find its way back. Most basic traps are also non-toxic as well and won’t smell as long as they are cleared regularly.

RV Mouse Control - Cat playing with little gerbil mouse on the table. Russia.


Having feline friends in your RV is another age-old mouse control method. Being natural predators to rodents, their very presence can be intimidating enough. If not, your camper kitty will take care of the rest when those mice get to close. Although those with allergies to pets like cats, may want to try other methods instead.

Rodent Repellent Scent Pouches:

Scent packets like Fresh Cab or Stay Away Rodent Repellent are great mouse deterrents. Only needing a few of these products placed within your RV, they are both environmentally friendly and non-lethal alternatives to keep those curious mice out.

Cotton Balls Soaked in Peppermint Oil:

It is said that the smell of peppermint is an effective and natural mouse repellent. Aside from peppermint oil, you can also use peppermint leaves or spray. So, whether you are storing your RV or on the road, using peppermint will both serve as a mouse control component and air freshener in your RV. Keep scented items in the openings around the camper and around where you store food for best results.

Mouse or Rat Poison:

Even though poison can be an effective way to eliminate rodents, most poisons are very toxic and can be harmful or deadly to children and pets if touched or consumed. Even if a rat or mouse dies outside after being poisoned, it can pass the chemicals through the wildlife which may eat it. This continues the cycle of toxins into our environment. There are some poisons that claim to be non-toxic like Rat X, but products like these are not federally approved or tested for safety.

Rumored Mouse Deterrents for RVs (Hint: They DON’T work)

Irish Spring Soap:

There are many blogs and articles online claiming that Irish Spring soap will work to keep mice away, however, it’s never been proven to work. Often brushed off as a myth, it may your help freshen the area you place it in, but it is not effective as a mouse control practice in your RV.

Dryer Sheets:

Using dryer sheets has been credited to keeping all sorts of pests away, even mosquitos. However, do they mouse-proof your camper? All the research says no. Just like Irish Spring, they have no proven effect on the activity of rodents and only bring that fresh linen smell to where the mice roam.

RV Mouse Control - mouse sniffing crumbs

Moth Balls:

We know they work for moths, but do they work for mice? The answer is no here. Even if used excessively, these smelly spheres do nothing to deter mice. You’d think it would just knock the little pest out, but instead the toxic gas produced by them does nothing and can actually be harmful to humans if inhaled.

Ultrasonic Pest Repellers:

Any kind of plug in or electric ultrasonic mouse or rat repeller will not work to keep those rodents away. These kinds of products are even produced by big brand names and make great claims to eliminate activity, but tests are inconclusive and show they are not an effective deterrent.

Part of living the RV life is getting closer to nature. No matter how clean and careful you are, some of nature may get closer to you in unexpected ways. Just like any home, you’ll likely see pests invade the walls of your RV, camper, or travel trailer. However, the same mouse control practices apply in any living space and you should make sure you keep stock of repellents and traps to take care of these problems as they occur to prevent further infestation. There is nothing wrong with calling in professional pest control services as well if doing it yourself is not producing desired results.

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