Always be prepared isn’t just for the Boy Scouts. All RVers and campers, whether you prefer private campgrounds with extra comforts or heading off-grid to reconnect with nature, should be prepared for anything. Here at Scenic RV, we have an extensive parts store with hundreds of items in store and online to equip you with everything you need on the road or on the campground. While all of our items are plenty of fun, or plenty important to have on-hand, here’s our list of the nine most important things to keep in your RV at all times.

Folding chairs and rockers

Whatever your campground destination, having a comfortable seat outside is essential. Sitting by the campfire or under the awning is much more enjoyable with a folding chair. At Scenic RV, our parts store offers traditional folding chairs, reclining chairs and rockers. Any folding chair option is guaranteed to make you camping trip much more comfortable.

Awning mat

Although not the most important thing to keep in your camper, an awning mat is widely recommended by RVers. Awning mats provide a clean space to walk or sit outside of your camper. They’re especially useful for those with kids, creating a clean space to play outdoors without leaving the campground. They’re good for pets as well, allowing your pooch to cool off in the shade of the awning without getting a belly coated in dirt. Mats come in all shapes and sizes at our parts store, so you can find the one to perfectly fit your RV and your style.

most important things to keep in your RV - man holding a lantern at night

Lanterns and flashlights

Having a battery powered, gas or crank-charged source of light is essential on a camping trip. They’re great if you had to head outside at night, on trips to the campground bathrooms or taking the dog for a late-night walk. Lanterns and flashlights are also essential for emergency situations. If you lose power to your camper, especially at night, a backup source of light can make a huge difference.


Basic tools are one of the most important things to keep in your RV. You can get everything from a 76-piece deluxe tool kit to a small multi-tool at our online parts store. Any number of tools are better than none if you’re at the campground in a sticky situation.

Cast iron cookware

While our parts store carries a variety of portable grills and stove, we believe cast iron cookware are the most important things to keep in your RV. Our parts store offers cast iron teapots, skillets, pan sets and more. Cast iron will last for years, and it’s known for its excellent heat distribution making cooking easy. Cast iron cookware is great for camping, and even cooking over the campfire.

most important things to keep in your RV - friends drinking beer from cooler


Coolers and insulated glasses may be more for fun and food, but they’re still important to keep in your RV. At Scenic RV, we carry a variety of coolers. Our Igloo coolers are soft sided, making them foldable for easy storage. We carry hard sided coolers, ice packs, roller coolers and more. Don’t forget the tumblers too! Our insulated cups will keep your cocktail cool and your coffee hot.

Cleaning supplies and chemicals

Cleaning supplies are obviously some of the most important things to keep in your RV. You don’t want to arrive at the campground only to find you don’t have bleach to clean the bathroom or cleaner to spray off the kitchen counters. At our parts store, we have plenty of RV-specific chemicals and cleaners. We sell holding tank cleaning chemicals, as well as deodorizers and waste digesters.

Slide-out lubricants

Slide-out problems can make or break your camping trip. A stuck slide is no fun, and they’re often not easy fixes. Without slide-out lubricants, you might be stuck under the RV with a hand crank manually moving a stuck slide. To protect yourself from slide-out incidents, we recommend RV slide-out lubricants.

most important things to keep in your RV - father helping son out on paddleboard

Water sport equipment

Our last essential piece of RV equipment has everything to do with fun. Camping is our favorite summer sport, and keeping your favorite water toys in the RV ensures you never leave them behind. Splashing in the water at your favorite campground is the best way to cool off, the summer sun can be brutal. At Scenic RV, our parts store offers life vests, inflatable boats, paddles and more.

These are just a few of the most important things to keep in your RV. What you need to store in your RV depends on your family’s favorite camping activities. If your family isn’t into water sports, you may need to store hiking backpacks and a GPS in your RV instead. If you’re interested in any of the materials we recommend keeping in your RV, take a look at our online parts catalogue or stop in to see what we have on-hand. In need of a new RV? We can help with that too. Our Scenic RV sales staff will be more than happy to help you find the perfect unit for you.