The lightning bugs are bright, sunsets a little longer and the smell of burnt marshmallows in the air. People are getting ready for camping season, and we can’t wait! Do you already have your plans set  for the summer? If so, your kids are probably counting down the days until your first trip to the lake! Even if you have been camping for years, there are always new tips to learn and ideas to try out. Have you been given any new tips for this camping season? If not, here are a few to remember!

5 Tips for Getting Ready for Camping Season

Bring Tarps

Tarps can be so useful on a camping trip.  If you choose to sleep in a tent, tarps can be put on the ground to avoid the moisture, put on top the tent to avoid seeping water, and used to throw over tables and chairs.  You can also use the tarp to create shade! Even if you are traveling in an RV, having extra tarps and extra shade can help make everyone a little more comfortable. Throw a few in your storage area and we promise, you will not regret it!


Are you one of those people who brings 5 outfits for every single day of your vacation? When you are going to Florida, you don’t need those. But, when you are camping, over-packing can actually help! Bugs, rain, humidity, mud, swimming, running… you name it, you may need an outfit change. You can never predict what is going to happen on a camping trip. Why worry about not having enough!? When you are starting to plan your camping trip, always have a “what if” in the back of your mind so you can be fully stocked and prepared for poor weather, a few extra bugs, or getting a little messy!

Plan meals

Planning for any trip can seem stressful. But when you plan your meals for a camping trip it can help in several ways.  Because your car, RV, or tent is not a huge space, you are able to pack the food you plan on cooking without wasting space. This also allows you to avoid running out to find a grocery store, or ordering takeout. And the best tip of all, make sure to pack LOTS of marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate.

 Cook outside

Now that you have all of your groceries and snacks ready to go, a good tip to remember is to cook outside. If the weather is clear and you are ready for dinner, cooking outside can be a huge benefit. This allows your RV to stay cooler by not creating and trapping heat. If you plan to use the grill, stove, and oven, remember the amount of energy and heat you will be creating; this can cause your RV to get very hot and take a while to cool down. This is also easier to avoid messes and maintain a lot more space for family and friends to enjoy a meal together.

Book and Arrive Early

Camping season is arriving shortly! If you have camped in your area before, you may understand how RV parks work. They get booked up quickly and can be hard to get into; especially if you are trying to get in on a holiday weekend like July 4th. By booking early, you can reserve your spot and not have any worries about the timing of your trip. Arriving early to some campsites can be very beneficial. This will allow you to pick the spot that you and your family want to camp on and be near. If you are looking for shade, want to be near the water, or closer to a main road, booking and arriving early will help you with your plan!


The last tip we have for getting ready for camping season, have a blast! Camping season is full of amazing memories to come that you and the family will remember forever. Enjoy, and appreciate all that nature has to offer and spend a night under the stars.  No matter if you are an RV glamper or love a good tent… We hope you have a great camping season this summer!

Getting Ready for Camping Season