Are you getting excited for all of your upcoming camping trips? These trips are where so many memories are made, traditions are created, and smores are definitely eaten.  But as we all know, not every part of the camping trip is a true “vacation” for us. At times, it can be difficult, frustrating and a tad, unpredictable. You may be dealing with kids, pets, keeping your RV organized, meals, and coping with the random weather that may come your way. Despite the struggles that are somewhat inevitable, there are some great ways to make camping easier and way more fun!

Meal Plan

Not only will creating your menu ahead of time help make things easier, but you can also start creating the dishes and storing them for when you are at the campsite. You can make things like pancake batter, eggs, and other easy foods early, and store them in different containers. Plan on things like tacos in a bag, Dutch oven meals, and other fun things to make over the campfire.

Did you know that there are literally hundreds of meals you can make over a campfire? This means, no mess, no dishes, and the kids can help! It doesn’t get easier or more fun than that. This allows you to prep things ahead of time and the whole family and cook and eat together. If you are looking for some awesome campfire recipes, check some of these out!

You can always have some backup plans if the weather does not abide! Even if you begin to create a great menu for your family to make together, also have some options if the rain comes quickly or the wind picks up and you can’t keep the fire going. If you have a kitchen in your RV, utilize it! Have some easy stovetop meals or things you can pop in the microwave just in case your original plans don’t work.

Pack for Whatever Comes Your Way!

Packing can be a struggle in itself. You are packing for you, your spouse, your kids, your pets… it is never-ending. And you have to make sure that you don’t forget all the kitchen essentials, the bedding, the emergency kit and all the medications that you may need. But after all of that, when you think you have everything, try planning for some of those “what if” moments.

What if you find yourself in the middle of a torrential downpour and you can’t go outside! There are a few things you can pack to make this easier and more fun! Plan to bring some tarps. This will help with blocking some of that rain and wind from your RV. This can also cover some of your belongings outside if you don’t want to bring them all in. Pack jackets, extra socks for everyone and layers of clothing so they can be stripped and you still have something underneath to keep you warm.

While you are stuck inside, what do you plan to do? Bring some entertainment! Stock up some fun family board games, cards, bracelet making kits, crafts, coloring, and fun recipes to make together inside the RV. Always plan for weather that may head your way when you are camping.

Create your own flooring in your RV or Tent

Before you begin thinking about what we are crazy about the “creating your own floor” idea, hear us out! Have you ever used those foam blocks around your house? The ones that make it easier for babies to learn to walk, or make the tile playroom a bit softer for the kids? Use these to make your RV or tent softer and more comfortable! If you decide that you want to hang out in the tent, these foam blocks will make the ground seem much cozier and you don’t be getting poked by rocks or sticks!

You can also put these on the flooring in your RV! They can be taken out and hosed down, so you are keeping your RV cleaner. They make walking around much more comfortable too! This little hack will come in handy with spills or if you have that one kid that ends up sleeping on the floor somewhere!

There are a million things you can do to make your camping experience more enjoyable! But remember to do what is best for your family. There is no right or wrong way to camp and these hacks will only help make you more comfortable and overall more prepared. You know your family best and what you need to do to stay ahead of the curve when something goes wrong! Have a blast on all of your upcoming camping trips!


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