It seems like Christmas starts earlier and earlier each year. Whether you like to deck the halls after Halloween or if you refuse to set up a tree until the post-Thanksgiving traditions commence, celebrating the Christmas holiday tends to spread cheer throughout the homes and hearts of Wisconsin-natives near and far. Especially when it’s a merry RV Christmas celebration.

When you’re celebrating an RV Christmas, there isn’t always room for the traditional, bulky Christmas decorations. Where would you store them year-round, and how would you secure your decor while you’re on the road? While it may not seem practical to celebrate Christmas as you know it when you’re in an RV, there’s still a multitude of creative ways that you can spread cheer during the most wonderful time of the year.

A Merry RV Christmas

Take a Christmas Trip

If you can’t travel to spend the holidays with loved ones this year, consider visiting a faraway land that is temperate throughout the year. For some, that means Florida, or maybe even California. What these balmy destinations lack in frigid temps, they make up for in the Christmas spirit. Don’t believe us? Stop by Christmas, Florida — where the Christmas tree stays decorated all-year-round.

If you’re looking to have more of a white Christmas, you won’t need to drive far. Consider visiting some of your favorite campgrounds — check the schedule, they may even have park-sponsored holiday festivities.

Deck the Halls & Trim the Tree

But no matter where you end up, you don’t need to leave the comfort of your RV to really feel the Christmas Spirit.

Utilize your surroundings — especially if you’re surrounded by nature. Whether you are roasting chestnuts on an open fire, chopping down your own Christmas tree, or making your own wreath and garland using materials you gathered from the woods, bringing natural elements into your decor will help your RV Christmas festivities a more authentic feel while also cutting down on waste, and giving your RV that festive pine smell.

You might also consider crafting DIY holiday decor like paper snowflakes and popcorn garland. Simply check your cupboards for old, unused items. With a little creativity, you can create a winter wonderland.

Of course, purchasing decorations for your RV Christmas is also a great way to celebrate. Perhaps you’d prefer a small tabletop tree and a few string lights. You may even have a nativity scene that you have to put on display. Either way, the true key here is making sure your decor is secure.

Share Movies and Songs

Art has a special way of touching our emotions and eliciting happy memories. Perhaps it’s a song that brings the Christmas spirit to life. If that’s the case, pop in your favorite Christmas CD, tune into your favorite station or plug in your favorite playlist. Don’t forget to sing along! If you’re more for live music, try to find a group of carolers and let them spread joy through song.

And of course, you can’t miss your must-see Christmas flicks. Whether you opt for the Hallmark movies, or if Elf is a must, Christmas films are the perfect way to kickstart your RV Christmas celebration.

Don’t Forget the Gifts

You don’t need to buy a host of gifts, because let’s be honest, where would they fit? But sharing gifts is a thoughtful way to show someone how much you care for them on Christmas Day. Whether you opt for small, thoughtful gifts that can act as a stocking stuffer, or you purchase one larger gift that can benefit your RV lifestyle, sharing gifts with someone you love makes for a merry morning.

If you feel that you and yours have enough gifts to share, consider volunteering or donating gifts to those in need. There are so many ways to spread cheer, especially during this time of year.

Cook Your Favorites and Don’t Skip the Sweets

When living in your RV, it can be a struggle to cook for many people. You probably don’t have the fridge space to preserve cold ingredients, and even once you cook the food, where will you store the leftovers? Cooking in an RV can be a challenge all-year around, but that’s especially true when you start thinking about cooking an RV Christmas feast.

At Scenic RV, we recommend sticking with your Christmas favorites. Perhaps for you it’s the ham, and for your partner it’s the potatoes. Or, maybe you’re just here for the eggnog and sweet treats. The main thing is, sticking with smaller portions can help you ensure that you still get to indulge in your holiday favorites.

At the end of the day, if you don’t feel like cooking, look for a restaurant or take-out option where you can still experience your favorite holiday flavors without overflowing your kitchen.

RV Christmas: Make Your Own Traditions

All of the suggestions above are just that — suggestions. Remember, you’re in control of your holidays! You can travel anywhere you care to drive yourself to, and you have the power to make your own holiday traditions. Figure out what means the most to you and make it happen. You might even end up finding your new favorite Christmas tradition.

In need of a new RV this winter?

If, perhaps, you still haven’t found the perfect RV for your Christmas getaway, it’s not too late. We offer a large inventory of new and pre-owned RVs and trailers to help get you to your next destination. Contact us today to find your next RV!