Stop by your local dollar store before your next trip to try out these great hacks for camping on a budget. From storage solutions to safety precautions, camping doesn’t have to clean out your wallet.

Mesh laundry bags

Use mesh laundry bags dry things outside. Hang wet dishes, beach toys, even swim suits to safely drip dry in the warm sunlight.

camping on a budget girl holding glow sticks

Glow sticks

Tie glow sticks to tent ties so they’re easy to spot at night, and prevent people from tripping. Plus, glow sticks are always fun for kids while making them easier to keep an eye on at night.

Stackable bins

Stackable bins will keep you organized without taking up too much space. Even small, sealed bins can help you fit more food in the pantry. After all, Tetris is much easier when it’s all squares and rectangles!

Solar powered stakes

Solar powered stakes, or other solar powered lights, illuminate your campsite at night without wiring or drawing any electricity.

camping on a budget pill organizer

Weekly pill containers

Bring along your favorite spices without taking the entire rack. Store the spices you’ll need in 7-day pill containers for just a pinch of flavor without the cylindrical spice bottles rolling through the RV.

Plastic cake carriers

Cake carriers and covers keep paper plates, napkins, paper towels and other light items from being blown away in the wind.

Shoe hangers

Using shoe hangers to store items vertically means fitting more things in less space. Ask any college student! Shoe hangers fit snacks, bottles, soaps, small clothing items and, hey, even shoes!

camping on a budget pool noodles

Pool noodles

Use pool noodles with slits cut down the side to cover tent lines and prevent injuries. They can also make bumpers on sharp RV corners, like slide-outs, so no one hurts themselves bumping their heads.

Shower caps

Keep bugs off of your food by covering it with a shower cap. The plastic covering with cinched edges protects your food. They’re easy to store and reuse, unlike cellophane. Shower caps can also be used to bag dirty items like shoes, and keep them from getting other things messy.