As the country continues to get vaccinated in an attempt to return to the “normalcy” of life before the pandemic, there are a few trends that appear to be sticking around. Among these are the work-from-home movement and the rise in RV popularity. Many travel-focused businesses have gotten on board with the motorhome movement, and RVers are reaping the benefits.

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COVID-19 Changing Travel Trends

Camping at wineries and breweries isn’t a new notion, but it’s a growing travel option. The ability to stay in your own space through an RV, rather than a hotel or other community housing option, was very popular throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Travel destinations across the country got on board in an attempt to stay in business. Thus, there were thousands of people booking their trip camping at wineries and breweries.

RV-lovers, wine connoisseurs, hopheads and those who just enjoy tossing back a cocktail have gathered at campgrounds across the nation. With wineries and breweries in Wisconsin offering RV parking, we’ve got your back in getting a jump on the trend.

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Businesses Booming with RV Travel

One company on the rise in the RV industry is Harvest Hosts. Harvest Hosts has made headlines recently with the presentation of the opportunity to camp at different farms, wineries, breweries, golf courses and more. They offer nearly 2,500 places to stay in your RV, with about 100 located around Wisconsin. Stay in one of their Harvest Host locations, with no camping fees, by becoming a member for $99 per year. This plan includes RV parking opportunities at, currently, 637 wineries and 339 breweries and distilleries in the US and Canada.

Where Can I Camp?

Although Harvest Hosts doesn’t allow you to see the names of campgrounds without a membership, we were able to dig up a few. Experience camping at wineries and breweries at one of these five Harvest Host locations.

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Bare Bones Brewery

The Bare Bones Brewery in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, is a local brewery that opened its doors in spring of 2015. Bare Bones is known for crafting American beers with a unique local spin. The family-owned brewery is perfect for any hophead looking to find a new flavor of local beer.

Tumbled Rock Brewery and Kitchen

This brand new brewery opened in late 2019 right here in Baraboo. After purchasing your new RV from Scenic’s Baraboo location, stop here for a cool craft beer and a delicious meal. Tumbled Rock offers comfortable indoor and outdoor seating by the beautiful Devil’s Lake State Park.

Forgotten Fire Winery

We didn’t forget, we promised camping at wineries as well. The Forgotten Fire Winery is located in Marinette, Wisconsin, a city on the coast of the famed Green Bay. This family-owned winery is celebrating 10 years of local wines, hard ciders, sodas and more. Make sure to check out their events calendar, loaded with concerts and celebrations, before you book your stay.

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Potosi Brewing Company 

Located in it’s namesake town of Potosi, Wisconsin. Founded in 1852, this brewery is one of the original breweries in the state of Wisconsin. Although they officially closed in 1972, Potosi Brewing Company underwent a long restoration process. The company now a nonprofit, with proceeds going to the Potosi Foundation. Potosi Brewing Company states, “Profits from your purchase are used to support the historical and educational initiatives and charitable causes in the communities we serve… All profits to charity.” Park your RV at the Potosi Brewing Company to enjoy a cold beer and support local culture.

Forestville Vines

This winery offers a relaxing, rural setting in River Falls, Wisconsin. Celebrate any special occasion, girls trip or romantic getaway, over a glass of red or white wine. Not a wine lover? You can enjoy beer on tap and a variety of tasty meats, cheeses and other dishes. The perfect place to start camping at wineries, Forestville Vines offers a remote, relaxing experience.

If you need a new RV for your Harvest Host stay, stop by Scenic RV Centers. We’ll be happy to help you find the perfect new or used RV for all your camping needs. Harvest Hosts requires participating RVs to have a self-contained toilet and inside cooking facilities. Need a new RV with these features? Our expert sales staff will help you find one. If your RV purchased from Scenic RVs needs upgrades or fixes, our service department can help with that as well.

If you choose to participate in camping at wineries and breweries in Wisconsin, make sure to let us know! Tag us on Facebook and let us know where you stayed!