As fall marches on and the holiday season approaches, campgrounds are booked up before shutting down for winter. Whether you choose to store your RV all winter or head south to warmer weather, you have one big holiday left before you go. Even up here in snowy Wisconsin, a perfect campground Halloween celebration is possible. With fall leaves and crisp air, there’s no better place to celebrate Halloween than in the great outdoors.

When you’re ready to join costume competitions, take a hayride through the woods or enjoy some trunk or treat candy, Scenic RV Centers is here to help. We want you to host the perfect campground Halloween – from campsite decorations to scary campfire stories.

Colorful autumn road in country with recreational vehicle travel trailer in tow behind pickup truck, horizontal.

Decorating Your RV for a Campground Halloween

Decorating your RV can be complicated, you want to focus on lightweight decorations that are easy to travel with and remove. One easy decoration for the inside and outside of your camper is spiderwebs! Fake cobwebs can be found everywhere from Spirit Halloween to the dollar store. They’re easy to set up and remove, they don’t cost much and the packaging is small making travel and storage simple.

Another easy campground Halloween decoration for your RV is stickers! Clinging window stickers come in all shapes, sizes and creatures. They’re easy to stick to the windows of your RV and add a bit of spooky fun.

Decorating Your Campsite

Along with your RV, your campground Halloween extends to the entire campsite. There are tons of creative campground setups to be found online. But, some of the easiest come from basic decorations you’d likely use at your permanent home.

These easy decorations start with lights. Whether you choose fun shapes, like pumpkin string lights, or fun colors that flash in time with the music, everyone loves a campsite lit with a purple and orange glow.

campground Halloween - Gravestone and skeleton that comes from the ground

Additionally, we’ve seen quite a few campers convert their campsite into a scary graveyard. Fake graves with cheeky engravings are a popular Halloween décor choice, and they work perfectly at campsites. We’ve also seen some campers opt to display skeletons up to average camping activities, like sitting around the campfire.

Essentially, most yard decorations will work for your campground Halloween. When you’re choosing which pieces you want to bring on your trip, consider the size and weight. You don’t want anything too heavy or bulky that will weigh you down on the road, or so large they’ll take up the entire campsite. Lastly, you should be wary of anything that needs to be plugged in. Make sure you have a plan to keep any lighted or blowup decorations on all night long.

Halloween Snacks

There’s no end to the number of Halloween themed snacks you can find on Pinterest. Whether you’re after cute or gory, themed snacks are essential to campground Halloween celebrations. Here, we have a list of some of our favorites:

Reese’s Bats

An easy snack featuring everyone’s favorite peanut butter chocolate candy, these will fly off the dish at your next Halloween party. Add an Oreo for wings along with two or more candy eyes stuck on with peanut butter and you’re good to go!

Campground Halloween - Jack Skellington candy apples

Courtesy of Delish

Jack Skellington Candy Apples

What’s better than candy apples and our favorite Halloween movie? Use sweet white chocolate on a sour Granny Smith apple to create the Pumpkin King’s likeness in a fun snack for the craftier among us.

Monster Avocado Toast

Start your campground Halloween first thing in the morning by turning your favorite breakfast into a monster-themed meal. Create scary monster faces, mostly Frankenstein-inspired, with toppings like seaweed, radishes, grape tomatoes, bell peppers and more.

Blood Drip Cupcakes

One classic Halloween food is sugar glass, made with water, corn syrup, white sugar and cream of tartar. Once you have sugar glass, you can mix up some edible blood and create all sorts of scary snacks. In this recipe, the sugar glass and edible blood is added to some simple cupcakes. But the technique can be used for any glass-shattered meal, so let your imagination run wild.

Campground Halloween - monster wraps

Courtesy of Women’s Day

Monster Wraps

If morning monster avocado toast wasn’t enough, add lunch to your campground Halloween with these monster wraps. Use spinach wraps to achieve that sickly green monster face, fill the wrap with your favorite ingredients, then create your monster face on top. You can use sliced cheese, olives and pickles to create faces like the ones in the recipe, or you can experiment with your own toppings.

Eyeball Donuts

Another simple finger food, these eyeball donut holes are sure to be a people pleaser. Use powdered donut holes for a white eyeball base. Add a sour gummy ring for the iris and top with an M&M pupil.

Icky Intestines Bread

A gorier snack, the icky intestines bread may look gruesome but is sure to be a hit. Use puff pastry to create twisting, turning organs. Fill the pastry with cream cheese and raspberry sauce for a bloody effect and chow down on this grossly good Halloween dish

Scary Stories for the Campfire

No campground Halloween celebration is complete without a set of scary stories around the campfire. We recommend doing some research before telling tall tales, as there are likely plenty of spooky legends and lore surrounding the national parks you may be staying at. If imagination and local legends aren’t enough, there are hundreds of scary stories available both for free online and in anthologies or collections you can find at your local bookstores.

Happy family having fun camping and eating marshmallows by a bonfire

Here are a few good options for sourcing free scary stories:

Bustle’s 10 Spooky Campfire Stories

KOA’s 17 Kid-Friendly Spooky Campfire Stories

The Dyrt’s 13 Scary Campfire Stories

If these free stories aren’t quite scary enough, we recommend the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark collection by Alvin Schwartz. This particular book was a favorite of yours truly growing up around the campfire.

Whatever your campground Halloween plans, Scenic RV Centers is here to help. We’ll set you up with the perfect RV for your family to enjoy the fall camping season. You can also stop by our parts stores at our Baraboo and Slinger, Wisconsin, locations for any additional camping supplies you may need.