Preparing for your new camping adventure? Whether it’s your first, fifth, or 100th time camping – campground etiquette for RV’ers is important. Here’s some tips and tricks to learn before embarking on your trip.

1. Keep your Space Clean

Camping outside

Maintaining a clean area while camping is important for many reasons. There’s nothing like sharing your nice, fun, outdoor experience with an unclean obnoxious neighbor who’s trash keeps blowing over into your space. Excess waste ending up in your neighbors’ space can cause some awkward interactions you’d want to avoid. Most campers burn their compostable waste, but for non-hazardous waste, you can keep in labeled storage bins located under your RV. Take them to the dump when full to minimize animal interactions.


2. Arrival Times and Noise Levels

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Loud neighbors can be a headache to deal with. When planning for your trip, take into consideration your arrival and departure times. Delays happen and sometimes you will arrive during “quiet hours”. This is an important time to remember campground etiquette for new RV’ers. Quiet Hours are usually from 10 pm-6 am. If someone camping next to you arrives during these hours, remember that they may not know. You may consider offering help to your neighbors while they settle in. This can promote campground community moral and minimize noise. During this time you can kindly pass along the etiquette of time ordinance, too.


3. Generators

new campground generator

Unless you’re camping in an unimproved campground that specifically allows generators, pay the little bit extra for an electric site and plug in the RV. Your fellow campers will love you for it. Check here for some alternative energy methods and supplies to enhance your camping experience.


4. Fire Safety

Campground fire new rv'ers

Whether you’re roasting marshmallows, hotdogs, or just sitting by the campfire there are some basic safety rules you must be aware of to keep you, your family & the rest of your campground community safe. Carrying a fire extinguisher, putting out your cigarette butts properly, and ensuring your campfire is all the way out before you go to bed are great practices.


5. Pets

New Couple In RV Enjoying Barbeque On Camping Holiday

Pets are a part of our family. However, make sure you always clean up after and keep them on a lease. This is most likely always a posted rule in the campground area.


At Scenic we want to make sure everyone understands campground etiquette, especially for new RV’ers. You’ll get along with your neighbors, and feel all around prepared when embarking on your new adventure. Feel free to contact us for any additional tips or services and have a happy and safe trip!

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