Are you a first-time travel trailer owner? Here at Scenic RV Centers, we know researching and attaining all the tools and materials you need can seem a bit daunting. But with the correct information and guidelines, you’ll be a travel trailer expert in no time. Travel trailers are usually much cheaper than other types of RVs because you only need a truck or large SUV to tow them. And, they are made in a wide range of designs, shapes, and prices. We’ve gathered the most important information you need to make the best decision on purchasing the right travel trailer for your needs.

To rent or buy?

There are endless types of RVs you can choose from – Class As, Class Bs, pop-ups, and fifth wheels. The best way to ensure you’re purchasing the perfect rig for your needs is to rent. You can definitely buy an RV down the road, but renting at first allows you to see your likes and dislikes about them. Sometimes you don’t know what you’re looking for in an RV until you travel or live in one first. Maybe you think you’ll want a large kitchen at first, but you soon find out you don’t do much cooking on the road and you’d rather have more living or bathroom space. Renting first will prevent you from ending up with a travel trailer that doesn’t fully fit your needs.


Still want to buy your first travel trailer? That’s okay, too! Before buying, (and even renting) always do enough research to make an educated purchase. Read and soak up as much information as you can before you buy so you know what to expect. You can also read up on great information from our blogs, like One Pot Camping Meals and Creative Ideas to Make Camping Easier & More Fun.

Find a friend who owns a travel trailer.

This could be a family member or a friend you met through camping. Ask if you can camp with them for a weekend and see how you like it. This may be enough time for you to figure out your likes and dislikes, too. Camping is always fun with others who are experienced, and it takes a bit of the pressure off of having to tackle a new travel trailer alone.

Practice towing, traveling and parking your trailer.

This isn’t a difficult task, but it’s definitely in your best interest to put some cones out and see how you do pulling in between them. And, take it out on the road and familiarize yourself with how it feels to tow something behind you. Challenge yourself to handle tight turns, parking in small spaces and backing up to your trailer hitch without stressing. If you know you’re the weakest at just one of those, then just practice that.

Research campgrounds ahead of time.

Finding out the amount of space you’ll have and the shape of the campground and campsite is a must with a travel trailer. You need to make sure your kind of rig is accepted in the area. Many campgrounds have limits and restrictions on the length of acceptable RVs. Most grounds also have a limited amount of space, so reservations are always a great idea.

Read the owner’s manual inside and out.

This is where many RV owners go wrong. It’s so crucial in successfully owning a travel trailer or any RV for that matter. Yes, it is so exciting pulling your brand new rig into your driveway. All you can think about is you, the open road and all the sights you’ve been waiting for years to see. But, one of the key parts in RV ownership is knowing how to care for your trailer. You need to know how to use the equipment since they’re slightly different than the ones you might have in your home. Take some time to acquaint yourself with all the gadgets and tools your new travel trailer features. This allows you to use your rig to its fullest!

Think about storage during the offseason.

You aren’t going to use your RV all the time unless you’re RVing full time. That means you need a place to store it when it’s not in use. Simply parking it in your driveway to withstand the elements will not bode well for your rig or your wallet.

If you have no other place to store it, (totally fine) make sure it’s covered somehow. It can be under an awning or wrapped up in a tarp. Just find a way to shield it from winter weather and the sun.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns have about purchasing your first travel trailer. We’re here for you and we want to help to make the process as smooth as possible, and our friendly staff is ready to assist you in making the most informed and educated travel trailer purchase!

What are your tips for travel trailer beginners? Let us know in the comments.



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