You might be here because you have a large family and you need a place for everyone to sleep at night when you’re RVing. That’s why many people want or need a bunkhouse RV. We’ll be talking about bunkhouse travel trailers and why there are so many great reasons to love them!

Bunkhouse RVs may be distinguished by a “BH” or “B” somewhere in the model designation. Once inside, find a master bedroom — usually at the front or rear — as well as a private or semi-private bunk room often on the other end of the unit. Bunkhouses can be as simple as four bunks and a sliding door or include bunks, a sleeper sofa with a bunk over, an entertainment center, and even a second bathroom. Bunkhouses answer the call for families who work and live on the road, those who like relaxing vacations, and full-timers who live and learn on the road, by providing privacy, work, and play areas, all while retaining a living and cooking area for gathering.

  1. There are so many options when it comes to bunkhouses. This is one of the best aspects of them because you can almost always find one that works for you and your family. (And even a few guests!) One of the things we hear most often that’s important to RVers looking for this type of RV is its weight. Does it weigh too much? Can it be towed with the vehicle they already have? The idea is to avoid the need of buying a new car or truck for the sole purpose of towing their trailer. Because there are several lightweight options, you don’t have to worry about going without bunkbeds.
  2. Lots of different sizes. In addition to lightweight options, there is an endless amount of sizes, too. There are plenty of different sizes that are well over 5,000 pounds and really incredibly long in length. The length is what sets them apart from their lightweight cousins.

Due to their unique design, all travel trailers are versatile. This type of RV comes in all kinds of shapes, sizes, models, floorplans, etc. The options are endless! This is great for families who aren’t exactly sure what kind of trailer is right for them, because it gives them enough options to find what they need without having to sift through other types of RVs like motorhomes, fifth wheels, or Class Bs.

  1. They’re great for full time or part time dwelling. Most people think of just a small room with a few bunkbeds when they think of a bunkhouse, but they’re so much more than that. While this might be true for motorhomes or fifth wheels, travel trailer manufacturers find ways to divide the space in resourceful means.

In other words, you’ll have separate rooms in a travel trailer bunkhouse. This can make all the difference in the atmosphere of the RV, regardless of if you’re RVing full time or just taking her out for vacations and weekends. These kinds of trailers really do find ways to make your trips as comfortable and relaxing as possible without sacrificing any valuable space.

  1. They can sleep so many people. If you frequently camp with your family and even a few guests, a bunkhouse RV might be perfect for you. This is even the case for all types of bunkhouse RVs, because that’s simply the point of them! Your other options are fold-out sofas, drop-down beds, and other unique places to store beds, but bunkhouse RVs are really the most efficient way to ensure comfort for everyone.
  2. They’re simple to hook up and detach. Many types of RVs can be difficult or even dangerous to unhook, but with travel trailers, it’s so much easier. Simply back up your travel trailer to your tow vehicle, hook everything securely, and you’re on the road.


That about does it for why we think travel trailer bunkhouses are the best. Shopping for a new RV of any kind can be a difficult or daunting task, but our staff is here to help you find the best rig possible for your needs. Reach out to our friendly staff today!

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